Saturday, 9 July 2011

No Longer Singin' In The Rain

I mean to post this as a kind of diary - you know, a round up of the third night and then another of the last, but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), I slept for six hours on Friday and missed the chance to go on the computer. So, no posts.

However, I can now round up the last two nights, and hopefully you can cope with that, right?

So, third night. We had a few interesting lines, especially in "Make 'Em Laugh", which went quite spectacularly wrong at the beginning. Instead of the line "Big people have little humour, and little people have no humour at all", we had something along the lines of:

"Little people ... are secretly big people. Big people are like little people and ... {rushed} They have no humour at all!"

But aside from that, which was hilarious for us, since we all know the show very well by now, we didn't have too many dodgy moments. Except with the microphones. There were some really dodgy mics not being turned on.

The last night had more people forgetting their lines than before, I think, although most of them weren't too noticeable, but though I say so myself the music was better than before! ;)

However, my favourite moment was the following mess-up.

Instead of Don mocking Kathy and saying, "Just because you're a famous movie star, doesn't mean any girl in the world is gonna have lunch with you just like that. Will you have lunch with me just like that?", he said: "Just because you're a famous movie star, doesn't mean any man in the world is gonna have lunch with you just like that..."

The entire band was cracking up. Any man in the world? Is there something you're not telling us, Liam? And it was a very painful kind of laughter, because of course we didn't want the audience to realise that he'd messed it up and so were trying not to let them know!

That wasn't the only thing that we did. There was an occasion wehre they nicked one of the trumpet's mutes, and then taped them to the wall, the curtains, the conductor's chair... one of them fell from its place and almost hit me on the head! And there were speeches and flowers and chocolates, and all in all it was a very emotional night.

Then came the after party... I wasn't feeling up to going, which was just as well as I was informed during the show that I wasn't actually old enough, ha ha!

Anyway, it's over - for another year at least. I'm going to miss it, I really am. Although not the endless rehearsals. I won't be missing those.

Now it's time to rehearse for our tour to Lake Garda... ;)


  1. Aww no, not the dreaded line stuff-ups! Still, I must say, those are pretty funny xD

    Going on tour with an orchestra are you?

    Haha, don't we all miss performances - though I'm an actor, not a player. There's always so much fun to be had there, and sometimes funny stuff happens during rehearsals. Oh, and the in jokes. You'll agree with me about the in-jokes, right? xD

  2. Yes, the youth orchestra and the symphonic wind band are going to Italy together :)

    Of course the in-jokes. Didn't you notice what I said about the mutes? ;D