About Me

I'm a musician and a dancer from South-East London, England. I'm still a student, and I also spend a lot of my time writing, something you can read about on my other blog (www.delorfinde.wordpress.com).

Currently, I'm studying ballet, although not full-time. I hope to apply to a dance school, but I am unlikely to get in due to how late I started. I love to dance and you'll find me skipping down corridors in any public place, usually without shoes (I seem to have an aversion to them). I used to take Irish dancing classes and it still influences my dancing.

I play the violin, the flute and the piccolo. That last one is useful for getting me solos - and for becoming slightly deaf in my right ear, which happened for ten minutes or so after our last concert. I play with a youth orchestra and a symphonic wind band, and we're currently preparing for our tour to Lake Garda in July. I'm also a member of the band for a production of Singin' In The Rain.

For details on my writing life, please visit my other blog which focuses much more on that aspect of things.

I also guest-post at 'Mark Williams International' (www.markwilliamsinternational.com) so please show your support by visiting that blog. His posts are long, but they're worth it...

I plan to post whenever I have anything to say and am not too bogged down in rehearsals or practices ... thank you for your patience! You can also find me on Twitter, with @delorfinde, or on YouTube with www.youtube.com/MJLongman.